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Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method

Keinanen, Heikki.

Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method

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Published by VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland in Espoo, Finland .
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  • Materials -- Fatigue.,
  • Finite element method.

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    Bibliography: p. 23.

    StatementHeikki Keinanen & Klaus Rahka.
    SeriesVTT publications -- 92., VTT julkaisuja -- 92.
    ContributionsRahka, Klaus., Valtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus.
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    Design for finite life According to the S-N curve shown below, if the reversing stress (Sr), in a part is kept below the endurance limit (Se), the part should last infinite number of stress reversals. That is to say that the part will last forever. However, if the part. • To establish best practice for the statistical analysis of fatigue data obtained from welded specimens. 3. ASSUMPTIONS FORM OF S-N CURVE a) There is an underlying linear relationship between logS and logN of the form: log N = log A −mlog S [1] where m is the slope and log A is the intercept. This can be re-written in a form that isFile Size: KB.   I need to calculate shaft strenght. the configuration is shaft with two self align bearings and a pulley in the midlle. Loads are radial 26 kN and torgue Nm the radial load have constant direction, the torgue change direction (spining is reversed) Now the question: is the shaft static loaded or i have to consider and calculate for fatigue. Local Stress-Strain Fatigue Method (ε-N) Although most engineering structures and machine components are designed such that the nominal stress remains elastic (S n.

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Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method by Keinanen, Heikki. Download PDF EPUB FB2

Solution procedures are carried out by an elastoplastic finite element calculation for the surface hardened cylindrical shaft Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method book bending, torsion and combined bending torsion. Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method book effective plastic strains in the cross section of the shaft are calculated and the fatigue life of the shaft is predicted according to the local strain : Heikki Keinaenen, Klaus Rahka.

The invention provides a fatigue life calculation method for shaft parts. The fatigue life of a shaft part is accurately calculated by steps of establishing a finite element model of the shaft part to be measured, dividing grids, analyzing and calculating a static force, calculating the initial lives of fatigue cracks, calculating the initial lives of a plurality of groups of fatigue cracks Author: 徐志伟, 鲁加明, 陆桂来, 赵云, 陆巍.

The stress-based approach is simple and easy to calculate, but it offers only a very rough estimate of fatigue life since it uses elastic stress as the input while physical fatigue initiation is driven by local plastic strains. Therefore, the stress-based approach is applicable to components with minimum and limited local plasticity areas.

High-strength bolts are widely used in wind turbines and play a significant role in their operation. In this paper, in order to study the ultimate strength of high-strength bolts in the connection between the hub and main shaft in a MW wind turbine with pretension effects, two kinds of finite element models are presented: a solid bolt model and a simplified bolt by: 2.

fatigue analysis of a surface hardened shaft by the finite element method heikki keinanen ja klaus rahka sfs n ja murtumismekanukan yhteensovit- taminen vashit - ohjelmistossa jussi solin ja sisko sipila case studies on fatigue life calculation using the nisa ii / endure software package for personal computers asko kahonen.

COMPARISON BETWEEN DIFFERENT METHODS FOR FATIGUE LIFE PREDICTION OF BOGIE BEAMS Magnus Holmgren ABSTRACT Rakenteiden Mekaniikka, Vol. 29 Nro 2,s. 31 In this paper a recently proposed method for fatigue life prediction based on level crossing, the HdM-method, and a modification of the method are used to predict the fatigue life of two Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method book by: 3.

reasonable fatigue life predictions, only the nominal stress-life method will be outlined here. Obviously, the key to accurate fatigue life prediction 1s obtaining a good definition of stress-life, S-N, characteristics of the shaft material.

Mean bending and/or torslonal stress effects should be. systematical calculation by using hours of flight data recorded from two types of aircraft, each consisting 30 aircraft, it has been prove that this method is a powerful tool to monitor aircraft fatigue damage consumptions.

1 Introduction It is well known that the best way to manage aircraft structural life is to monitor fatigue. Fatigue life, N f: The number of cycles of stress or strain that a specimen sustains before failure occurs.

Fatigue strength: A hypothetical value of stress at failure for exactly N f cycles as determined from an S-N diagram. Fatigue limit, Calculation of the fatigue life of a surface-hardened shaft by the finite-element method book f: The limiting value of the median fatigue strength as N f becomes very large.

Endurance. Fatigue Design Approaches HCF/LCF If the amplitude of the total strain is such that we have significant plasticity, the lifetime is likely to be short (Low Cycle Fatigue or LCF; strain life approach).

If the stresses are low enough that the strains are elastic, the lifetime is likely to be long (High Cycle Fatigue 25 or HCF; stress-life approach). The SIF solutions are required to assess the fracture strength and fatigue life for defected structures. A variety of methods can be used to estimate the SIF values, such as approximate analytical analysis, finite element, finite element alternating, weight function, photo-elasticity and fatigue by: 3.

The shaft is subjected to a maximum stress value of N/mm 2 for this stress value the shaft life would be cycles as shown in Fig. 9 which supports our thesis. Fig.

ated S-N curve. 4 FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. To examine stress distribution at the fracture surface, finite element method (FEM) was employed.

Fatigue analysis methods are based on stress-life, strain-life or crack growth: Stress-Life This method is often called the SN approach and is appropriate for long life situations where the strength of the material and the nominal stress control the fatigue life.

Stresses remain elastic even around stress concentrations. Strain-Life. Calculation of shafts in marine applications DNV GL AS SECTION 1 BASIC PRINCIPLES 1 Scope This class guideline consists of the procedure and the basic equations for verification of the load carrying capacity for shafts.

It is an S-N based methodology for fatigue life assessment mainly based on. Fatigue Life Prediction of a Drag Link by Using Finite Element Method concept of the fatigue and fatigue life calculation methods were explained in the chapter one and two.

mode I and III. So, by putting all the above values, for our example, the fatigue strength of the component at cycles is: S ′f = Kpsi. The fatigue stress design calculation explained here is useful for a design engineer in case she don’t have a S-N diagram. However, with the introduction of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, has come the possibility of doing fatigue calculations long before a prototype exists.

Furthermore, a dramatic improvement in computing power has made FE based fatigue life calculations a routine task. FE has been around for some time and is now a mature technology.

Fatigue Strength Effect of mean stress Compressive mean stress does not reduce amplitude that can be superimposed-S y S y S y S n σ a-σ m (compression) σ m (tension) G o o d m a n l i n e s empiric concept S u Values from S-N curve (σ m=0) Extends infinite for fatigue (only static failure S No macroscopic yielding uc) Juvinall p Fig.

8 File Size: 1MB. The rod local stress-strain distribution is received by ANSYS finite element analysis. The limit fatigue strength of rod is calculated (Milan et al., ). Based on the rod stress and Miner fatigue damage theory, the Goodman fatigue method is used to calculate the fatigue strength of the rod and to predict its fatigue life.

Fatigue Life Analysis Metal fatigue analysis evaluates the impact of cyclic loads on the structural life of a product to ensure it meets requirements for performance, quality, and safety.

Actually fatigue analysis uses the Stress Life Method to predict the high cycle fatigue life of metallic components experiencing either variable amplitude loading (Rainflow counting) or constant. Hi friends, I want to calculate fatigue life of a shaft which is subjected to bending and torsional this I am having bending moment in X and Y directions, Torsional moments at particular time any one of you tell how to do this using ANSYS software.

pls help me ya. The fatigue stress - number of cycles (S-N) curve is used to establish a technique of predicting the number of stress cycles that stressed parts can withstand, even in.

The essential of adopting the finite element method for determining the design stresses for fatigue life calculations has been increased recently especially when utilizing the advanced fatigue assessment methods for welded steel structures.

Finite element model of shaft flange connection, with detailed thread joints made of heat treatable steel 30CrNiMo8 under preload condition and nonlinear thread flanks contact, was created.

RE: Calculating Fatigue Life of Threads & Thread Stress Concentration Factor tbuelna (Aerospace) 16 Mar 17 The issue with this particular screw is not just the generic quality cres material permitted, which allows use of a crappy alloy, but also the class 2A UNC thread form specified.

Elastic-plastic finite element simulations of the notched shaft were employed to obtain the stabilized stress and strain histories at the notch root. Chaboche's kinematic hardening model was used to describe the elasto-plastic material behavior.

For most of the experimental data, life estimates were within a factor of 3 in fatigue : Luiz Henrique Bresser Cardoso de Mello, Fábio Comes de Castro. For high cycle fatigue, the fatigue test data is often reported in the form of alternating stress vs number of cycles (S-N, or Stress-Life method).

Fortunately, many of the common shaft and rotor alloys exhibit a fatigue strength “endurance limit” at about 10 6 – 10 7 cycles, beyond which the fatigue strength of the material will remain constant. Fatigue Calculation - equivalent stress Fatigue Calculation - equivalent stress As you have performed a finite element simulation with the geometry of the concentration accurately captured (I assume) and your increased stress in this area can be used instead of modifying your endurance strength.

Juvinalls book suggested adjusting the. The fine mesh is done near the left side of the shaft is shown in fig 3. The stress concentration is more at the key way. Fig. 2 Geometric configuration of key coupling Fig.

3 Finite element mesh of shaft and the key Load and Boundary conditions and loads are applied for the meshed shaft and the key. The lower surface of the shaft is. on stress life approach may be useful for predicting the life time of weld in the structure. This study presents an upcoming methodology in new three dimensional Finite Element Model to calculate the fatigue life of weld.

Ansys simulation software uses stress-life method, based on a static non-linear Structural Size: KB. Chapter 9 continues the study of the fatigue analysis and behavior of mechanical parts. Attention is now directed to elements subjected to general fluctuating loads as contrasted to A method of fatigue analysis for combined stress states is also covered.

The chapter concludes with twoFile Size: KB. Mode II fracture energy characterization of brittle adhesives using compliance calibration method. Alireza Akhavan‐Safar; Mazaher Salamat‐talab Crystal plasticity finite‐element modelling of cyclic deformation and crack initiation in a nickel‐based single‐crystal superalloy under low‐cycle fatigue Validating generality of.

Problems of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue. Problems of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue A Solution Guide Edited by Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors by the Westergaard Method 25 E.E.

Gdoutos Design of a Rotating Circular Shaft for Safe Life Sp. Pantelakis and P. PapanikosFile Size: 1MB. fatigue properties of wire ropes under tensile load and also behavior of wire ropes under bending and tensile stresses in his book in which his theoretical and experimental studies are collected [7].

The finite element method is used with a simplified model in a study conducted by File Size: KB. Fatigue Analysis on shaft. I have a shaft that is used in a pump. The shaft has a belt attached to the top that transfers a torque to rotate the shaft.

The torque applied is known and that value is 42, lbs-in. The shaft has two bearings that are located above and below the middle extrusion on the s: Book Description.

Rapid increases in energy consumption and emphasis on environmental protection have posed challenges for the motor industry, as has the design and manufacture of highly efficient, reliable, cost-effective, energy-saving, quiet, precisely controlled, and long-lasting electric motors.

Quantifying Fatigue Failure:" Stress-Life Method for" Non-Zero Mean Stress" (Failure Surface = “Goodman Diagram”). Variation in cyclic stress.

2 σ = max +σ min m R R A m a + − = + − = = 1 1 max min max min σ σ σ σ σ σ 2 σ = σ max −σ min a Mean stress:. max min σ σ R= Stress Amplitude:. Stress ratio:. Amplitude ratio:. 6 File Size: 2MB. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) – Volume 13 Number 1 – Jul Stress Analysis by finite element method is obviously best choice.

FATIGUE LIFE CALCULATION AS PER ASMEDIV According to design data, for Cyclic File Size: KB. This paper deals with the structural analysis of the DC generator casing to find stress and deflection in the generator casing due to load factor of 9g to which it is designed.

The effect of vibration of generator casing and hollow shaft with mounting are investigated through. Adversely impacts your fatigue life and your fatigue behavior. It's dependent on the tensile strength of the object and how rough the services, the surface of your component. And there's a number of resources that you can use to determine ka.

From Shigley's mechanical engineering design text book to the fundamentals of machine design text book. pdf Comply with offshore design codes by calculating complex variable stress concentration factors using automated joint meshing or predefined industry SCF rules.

Assess wind and wave fatigue .axial fatigue and mixed mode cracking is discussed in [10]. Failure analysis of a locomotive turbocharger main-shaft and rear axle of an automobile were discussed in [11, 12]. Celalettin Karaagac and Toygar considered an agitator shaft with a circumferential groove for which the fatigue life .A fatigue ebook propagation theory has been proposed as technically feasible and adoptable method for fatigue life prediction using commercial FEA/FEM software packages for the calculation processes.

The need for a database of the size and distribution of initial defects for marine structures is : Goran Vukelić, Goran Vizentin.